BANK ON WAYNE is a financial literacy program that  provides instruction in budgeting, banking and managing credit. Bank on Wayne encourages participants to operate within the financial mainstream and avoid costly alternative financial services.

Knowledgeable bank representatives facilitate the weekly financial classes each month.


Meet Billie Jo

The company she worked for offered her additional hours, however public transportation was her only option at that time, and the bus schedule would not accommodate the available work schedule. One of her financial goals was to buy a car and eliminate this barrier. Bank On Wayne Program Manager, Lee Hulse provided one-on-one coaching to help Billie Jo use the information she had learned to create a plan to achieve her goals. Following the plan, saving her money, Billie Jo was able to successfully purchase a car and take on the additional hours at work. She felt empowered. The plan worked! 


Billie Jo came to Bank On Wayne (BOW) through the Housing Authority of Goldsboro’s ROSS (Resident Opportunity for Self-Sufficiency) program. She is a single mom currently living in public housing, but Billie Jo is highly motivated to transition to an independent lifestyle. At the time she started BOW, Billie Jo was employed part-time, but after completing the training on budgeting she began to recognize that she was going to need full-time employment in order to come up with a balanced budget.


EMPOWER YOURSELF by attending workshops to increase your financial knowledge!


  • Learn using FDIC Money Smart program

  • Enjoy a flexible class schedule

  • Develop money management skills

  • Manage your checking account

USE THE KNOWLEDGE gained through the Money Smart program and start keeping more of the money you earn! 


  • Open a low-cost checking account

  • Design a personal budget

  • Avoid costly alternative financial services

OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT with a partner financial institution and begin putting your knowledge to work!


  • Keep more of your own money

  • Begin building credit

  • Be better prepared for emergencies

  • Be less vulnerable to theft

Featured Above: Billie Jo with sons, Hank (left) and Tyler (right)




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Thank You Partner Banks

BANK ON WAYNE is  provided in partnership with  eleven banking organizations within the community that serve as the Bank on Wayne Advisory  Committee.


Click on any bank logo to learn more about each individual bank. 


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