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Awareness & Advocacy

We welcome the chance for community members to help spread

the word about services available to adult learner in the community.  

Did you know? 

  • When asked to read or write something, a person with low literacy may: 

    • Make excuses or ask to take it home​

    • Make a lot of mistakes or fill out forms incorrectly

  • An LC tutor helped a student keep his job by teaching him how to read his work orders.

  • A student and mother of two boys is now more confident in helping them with their homework as they all learn together as a family.

  • The Bank on Wayne Program helped a student open a second chance bank account to help rebuild her credit while she attended Wayne Community College classes. 

  • An LC tutor helped a community member  complete a scholarship application so that her two young daughter could attend a s

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Learn and compare Wayne County  literacy and numeracy statistics with other states and surrounding counties. Information provided by the National Center for Education Statistics Program through the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIACC)]



Professional Presentation


Group presentations are available upon request. Please use the link below for additional information or to book your presentation. 

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