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Thank you to our wonferful tutors!

Your dedication and generous donation of time to adult learners is a priceless gift to the Wayne County community. Thank you for being a star tutor and making a difference in someone's life. 



Tutor training system offered to help  volunteers to work with adult learners.



Training is provided free of charge to those willing to make a six month commitment

to tutoring with Literacy Connections. New curricululm introduced utilizes an

evidence-based process based on the Wilson Reading Systems.  

Training funded by a grant from the PNC Foundation

*Tutor Training Schedule 




Call us for additional information 919-735-1990

- Meet with a staff member -


- Complete registration form -


- Participate in a tutor orientation session - 

(Held the first Monday &  

first Thursday of each month.)  

- Be at least 18 years old -


- Have a High School Diploma or GED -


- Speak English as their primary language -


- Give two hours a week -

- Networking Opportunities -


- Gain References -


- Build your resume -


- Pick your schedule -


- Only two hours a week! -

How Do I Help?

Volunteers Must:

- Tutor -


- Assist with Math/Computer Labs -


- Participant in events -


- Teach Financial Literacy -


- Help Fundraiser -


- Become an advocate -

Get Started


What's in it for you?

Thank you for stopping by! 

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